Many of my skills are self-taught and developed as a result of curiosity and passion. I frequently use these skills to spread useful information, help startups and small businesses, contribute to research, and develop training programs so that others may be able to create as well. 

Web Design

My skills and experiences range from building sophisticated interactive desktop sites to developing responsive scalable mobile sites. 


The following are some examples of my work:



Digital Journalism

I am an experienced content writer and business journalist. My articles typically focus on innovation, industry disruption, and startup activities. I have been featured in several digital publications, each with readership over 100k.

The following are a few selected samples:

Marketing & Digital Advertising

Digital marketing is a skillset I have honed through experimentation, formal training, and project work. Typically, I focus on lead generation and email marketing funnels.

I begin by determining what platform is best suited for the sales funnel. Next, I set up landing pages for each campaign and use market research to understand which audience is best to target. Utilizing a variety of tools including ClickFunnels, ConvertKit, Unbounce, and GetResponse, I organic growth tactics. Additionally, I create and publish digital Ads using Facebook and other social sites as well as the Google Ad platform. Once the pieces are in place, I track engagement and A/B test a variety of elements. All results are delivered to clients in a clear and visual manner with recommendations and follow-up support.

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